Kill tasks to increase productivity
Kill tasks to increase productivity

Do you remember the times when you were wasting your time thinking what to get down to? As a solution to this problem you discovered a list of tasks so that each new task to perform is put in your list. The list is growing and an evening review of the tasks for the next day begins to scare you.

This is because all the systems of time/task management do not specify an upper limit. In such cases, red STOP light should flash in your head. If you still want to sell a quality product, you have to choose either to outsource or refuse to provide your next client with your services. What happens in the situation when you cannot afford to outsource and do not want to lose customers?

Go-Hold-Recycle-Kill – the way to success

  • Go – perform the task
  • Hold – pause the task until priority tasks are finished
  • Recycle – redefine tasks, their scope, time of execution, try to break them into smaller ones or change your approach to them
  • Kill – decide what you are not going to do

I am proud of the things I do not do

If you want to maintain high efficiency, it’s time to give up something. Take a sheet of paper, divide it into four columns – Go, Hold, Recycle and Kill, and assign particular tasks from the list to them. Is Kill column still empty? Consider the tasks which you have put off for a long time. It may turn out that nothing will happen if you do not perform them. Still cannot find the tasks to kill? Write in a few words how you or your company benefit from performing a given task. Cannot answer this question? Such a task is the first candidate for the kill!

Do not be afraid of bold moves and decisions! Adding more and more tasks to the list along with the lack of removing those unimportant ones is going to lead you to paralysis. If you are very attached to your list of tasks, maybe it’s worth taking the drastic step and throw all the tasks out of it and add only the most urgent to the new list?

Sometimes killing leads to a new, better and more efficient life. :-)

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