Tips to maintain productivity
Tips to maintain productivity

Working from home regardless of whether you run your own business or work remotely can be productive. At home we have more things which distract us therefore effective work requires creativity and a bit more of effort than working in the office.

Use GTD (Getting Things Done)

If you work a full-time job, usually you have to work 8 hours. Sometimes it’s a certain period of time, sometimes it varies. Working from home, you have to keep an eye on time by yourself. You do not need to work exactly 8 hours every day. It is crucial that you set aside a specific number of hours to work, and during that time focus on your work.

Get up in the morning

Daily morning wake-up calls your whole body to action and gives you energy.

Communication with the team

If you do not work independently, use the tools dedicated for working in distributed teams in which GTD can be successfully implemented.

Keep a list of things you can do in 5 minutes

Have you just finished an arduous task or perhaps you are waiting for a friend and have some free time? It is worth using this time creatively by checking your mailbox, or answering emails which do not require too much of our involvement.

Separate room

A separate room in which you can peacefully engage in your work is a perfect solution. If you cannot afford it, be sure to arrange a separate desk/table you allow only for work. Do not talk with friends or do not eat family meals at it. This place is only for work.

Order on the desk

Yes, we wrote about it, but it’s a significant element. The more unnecessary things are lying on your desk, the more often you will be distracted by less important things and hence will lose more time searching for relevant documents or materials you need to work with at the moment.

Work in the cloud

Use automatic backup. Thanks to it, you can have access to your data at any time from any place in the world. This will give you a sense of security even if something goes wrong with your computer.

Use headphones

If you work in an apartment where anyone else lives, use your headphones. You do not have to listen to music but they will protect you from external noise and effectively discourage household members from talking to you.


All of the above-mentioned points, sooner or later, will be discarded unless you have self-discipline. At home, no one will stand over you and watch if you are actually working yet your colleagues will expect concrete results of your work. When working remotely/from home, you will always be able to find things which need to be done, be it cleaning up the apartment, going to the gym or doing the shopping. Without self-discipline, it will be hard to focus only on work.

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