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Java Util Currency getAvailableCurrencies


The method java.util.Currency.getAvailableCurrencies() returns set of all available currencies, which may include currencies that represent obsolete ISO 4217 codes.

Method signature

The signature of the java.util.Currency.getAvailableCurrencies() method is as follows:

public static Set<Currency> getAvailableCurrencies()

The method is available since Java 7.


The method takes no parameters.

Return value

Returns the set of available currencies. If there is no currency available in the runtime, the returned set is empty.


The method throws no exceptions.

Example usage:

In the following code we use java.util.Currency.getAvailableCurrencies():


import java.util.Currency;
import java.util.Set;

public class CurrencyAvailableCurrencies {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Since Java 7
        Set<Currency> available = Currency.getAvailableCurrencies();
        System.out.printf("There are %d available currencies:%n",

        for (Currency currency : available) {
            // print the currency:
            System.out.printf("Currency: %s, name: %s%n",
                    currency, currency.getDisplayName());

The above code produces the following output:

There are 224 available currencies:
Currency: BOB, name: Bolivian Boliviano
Currency: AUD, name: Australian Dollar
Currency: BAM, name: Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark
Currency: PLN, name: Polish Zloty
Currency: SYP, name: Syrian Pound
Currency: XPT, name: Platinum
Currency: BZD, name: Belize Dollar
Currency: UGX, name: Ugandan Shilling
Currency: SVC, name: Salvadoran Colón
Currency: CNY, name: Chinese Yuan
Currency: XUA, name: ADB Unit of Account
Currency: BHD, name: Bahraini Dinar
Currency: MMK, name: Myanma Kyat
Currency: LTL, name: Lithuanian Litas
Currency: CRC, name: Costa Rican Colón
Currency: PHP, name: Philippine Peso
Currency: KMF, name: Comorian Franc
Currency: KYD, name: Cayman Islands Dollar
Currency: DEM, name: German Mark
Currency: SAR, name: Saudi Riyal
Currency: ANG, name: Netherlands Antillean Guilder
Currency: AWG, name: Aruban Florin
Currency: PGK, name: Papua New Guinean Kina
Currency: XBB, name: European Monetary Unit
Currency: BTN, name: Bhutanese Ngultrum
Currency: MKD, name: Macedonian Denar
Currency: SEK, name: Swedish Krona
Currency: STD, name: São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra
Currency: SCR, name: Seychellois Rupee
Currency: COU, name: COU
Currency: DJF, name: Djiboutian Franc
Currency: MUR, name: Mauritian Rupee
Currency: TZS, name: Tanzanian Shilling
Currency: MXV, name: Mexican Investment Unit
Currency: CAD, name: Canadian Dollar
Currency: GYD, name: Guyanaese Dollar
Currency: VEF, name: Venezuelan Bolívar
Currency: HRK, name: Croatian Kuna
Currency: BYR, name: Belarusian Ruble
Currency: RUR, name: Russian Ruble (1991-1998)
Currency: AZN, name: Azerbaijani Manat
Currency: LUF, name: Luxembourgian Franc
Currency: GNF, name: Guinean Franc
Currency: MOP, name: Macanese Pataca
Currency: ZWL, name: Zimbabwean Dollar (2009)
Currency: JMD, name: Jamaican Dollar
Currency: NAD, name: Namibian Dollar
Currency: MWK, name: Malawian Kwacha
Currency: ROL, name: Romanian Leu (1952-2006)
Currency: TPE, name: Timorese Escudo
Currency: ILS, name: Israeli New Sheqel
Currency: NPR, name: Nepalese Rupee
Currency: MVR, name: Maldivian Rufiyaa
Currency: XAF, name: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency: DKK, name: Danish Krone
Currency: XOF, name: CFA Franc BCEAO
Currency: GEL, name: Georgian Lari
Currency: ETB, name: Ethiopian Birr
Currency: BOV, name: Bolivian Mvdol
Currency: CDF, name: Congolese Franc
Currency: SLL, name: Sierra Leonean Leone
Currency: SGD, name: Singapore Dollar
Currency: SHP, name: Saint Helena Pound
Currency: HUF, name: Hungarian Forint
Currency: WST, name: Samoan Tala
Currency: ZMW, name: ZMW
Currency: ZWN, name: ZWN
Currency: LKR, name: Sri Lankan Rupee
Currency: INR, name: Indian Rupee
Currency: XAG, name: Silver
Currency: XBC, name: European Unit of Account (XBC)
Currency: MNT, name: Mongolian Tugrik
Currency: DZD, name: Algerian Dinar
Currency: BMD, name: Bermudan Dollar
Currency: IDR, name: Indonesian Rupiah
Currency: KGS, name: Kyrgystani Som
Currency: SOS, name: Somali Shilling
Currency: MXN, name: Mexican Peso
Currency: GHS, name: Ghanaian Cedi
Currency: XBA, name: European Composite Unit
Currency: VEB, name: Venezuelan Bolívar (1871-2008)
Currency: HKD, name: Hong Kong Dollar
Currency: UYI, name: UYI
Currency: ALL, name: Albanian Lek
Currency: XSU, name: Sucre
Currency: BRL, name: Brazilian Real
Currency: XXX, name: Unknown Currency
Currency: LAK, name: Laotian Kip
Currency: QAR, name: Qatari Rial
Currency: SSP, name: South Sudanese Pound
Currency: JPY, name: Japanese Yen
Currency: NGN, name: Nigerian Naira
Currency: ERN, name: Eritrean Nakfa
Currency: AMD, name: Armenian Dram
Currency: BBD, name: Barbadian Dollar
Currency: MZN, name: Mozambican Metical
Currency: NIO, name: Nicaraguan Córdoba
Currency: EGP, name: Egyptian Pound
Currency: GHC, name: Ghanaian Cedi (1979-2007)
Currency: TOP, name: Tongan Paʻanga
Currency: CUC, name: Cuban Convertible Peso
Currency: AFA, name: Afghan Afghani (1927-2002)
Currency: TJS, name: Tajikistani Somoni
Currency: KZT, name: Kazakhstani Tenge
Currency: AYM, name: AYM
Currency: XFU, name: French UIC-Franc
Currency: SRD, name: Surinamese Dollar
Currency: HTG, name: Haitian Gourde
Currency: USN, name: US Dollar (Next day)
Currency: BEF, name: Belgian Franc
Currency: BYB, name: Belarusian New Ruble (1994-1999)
Currency: LSL, name: Lesotho Loti
Currency: AOA, name: Angolan Kwanza
Currency: COP, name: Colombian Peso
Currency: CSD, name: Serbian Dinar (2002-2006)
Currency: SDD, name: Sudanese Dinar (1992-2007)
Currency: PTE, name: Portuguese Escudo
Currency: GRD, name: Greek Drachma
Currency: BWP, name: Botswanan Pula
Currency: UYU, name: Uruguayan Peso
Currency: PYG, name: Paraguayan Guarani
Currency: THB, name: Thai Baht
Currency: ZAR, name: South African Rand
Currency: VUV, name: Vanuatu Vatu
Currency: LYD, name: Libyan Dinar
Currency: SBD, name: Solomon Islands Dollar
Currency: RON, name: Romanian Leu
Currency: EEK, name: Estonian Kroon
Currency: MYR, name: Malaysian Ringgit
Currency: MTL, name: Maltese Lira
Currency: ATS, name: Austrian Schilling
Currency: XCD, name: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency: GBP, name: British Pound Sterling
Currency: SDG, name: Sudanese Pound
Currency: USD, name: US Dollar
Currency: BGL, name: Bulgarian Hard Lev
Currency: ARS, name: Argentine Peso
Currency: HNL, name: Honduran Lempira
Currency: TWD, name: New Taiwan Dollar
Currency: IEP, name: Irish Pound
Currency: CVE, name: Cape Verdean Escudo
Currency: LBP, name: Lebanese Pound
Currency: MGF, name: Malagasy Franc
Currency: KPW, name: North Korean Won
Currency: XBD, name: European Unit of Account (XBD)
Currency: AFN, name: Afghan Afghani
Currency: ZMK, name: Zambian Kwacha
Currency: XDR, name: Special Drawing Rights
Currency: CHE, name: CHE
Currency: NLG, name: Dutch Guilder
Currency: IQD, name: Iraqi Dinar
Currency: XPD, name: Palladium
Currency: EUR, name: Euro
Currency: GMD, name: Gambian Dalasi
Currency: LVL, name: Latvian Lats
Currency: CYP, name: Cypriot Pound
Currency: IRR, name: Iranian Rial
Currency: XAU, name: Gold
Currency: RSD, name: Serbian Dinar
Currency: BGN, name: Bulgarian Lev
Currency: MGA, name: Malagasy Ariary
Currency: XTS, name: Testing Currency Code
Currency: UZS, name: Uzbekistan Som
Currency: YER, name: Yemeni Rial
Currency: UAH, name: Ukrainian Hryvnia
Currency: TRL, name: Turkish Lira (1922-2005)
Currency: KHR, name: Cambodian Riel
Currency: TMM, name: Turkmenistani Manat (1993-2009)
Currency: CUP, name: Cuban Peso
Currency: RUB, name: Russian Ruble
Currency: MZM, name: Mozambican Metical (1980-2006)
Currency: TMT, name: Turkmenistani Manat
Currency: CHW, name: CHW
Currency: ESP, name: Spanish Peseta
Currency: GTQ, name: Guatemalan Quetzal
Currency: PEN, name: Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Currency: LRD, name: Liberian Dollar
Currency: GWP, name: Guinea-Bissau Peso
Currency: GIP, name: Gibraltar Pound
Currency: JOD, name: Jordanian Dinar
Currency: SZL, name: Swazi Lilangeni
Currency: BND, name: Brunei Dollar
Currency: ADP, name: Andorran Peseta
Currency: TTD, name: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Currency: PAB, name: Panamanian Balboa
Currency: TND, name: Tunisian Dinar
Currency: FJD, name: Fijian Dollar
Currency: NZD, name: New Zealand Dollar
Currency: SIT, name: Slovenian Tolar
Currency: FIM, name: Finnish Markka
Currency: SRG, name: Surinamese Guilder
Currency: USS, name: US Dollar (Same day)
Currency: ITL, name: Italian Lira
Currency: KWD, name: Kuwaiti Dinar
Currency: BIF, name: Burundian Franc
Currency: ISK, name: Icelandic Króna
Currency: DOP, name: Dominican Peso
Currency: YUM, name: Yugoslavian New Dinar (1994-2002)
Currency: XPF, name: CFP Franc
Currency: VND, name: Vietnamese Dong
Currency: PKR, name: Pakistani Rupee
Currency: KRW, name: South Korean Won
Currency: AZM, name: Azerbaijani Manat (1993-2006)
Currency: SKK, name: Slovak Koruna
Currency: KES, name: Kenyan Shilling
Currency: OMR, name: Omani Rial
Currency: MRO, name: Mauritanian Ouguiya
Currency: XFO, name: French Gold Franc
Currency: ZWD, name: Zimbabwean Dollar (1980-2008)
Currency: BDT, name: Bangladeshi Taka
Currency: MDL, name: Moldovan Leu
Currency: MAD, name: Moroccan Dirham
Currency: RWF, name: Rwandan Franc
Currency: CLF, name: Chilean Unit of Account (UF)
Currency: ZWR, name: Zimbabwean Dollar (2008)
Currency: CLP, name: Chilean Peso
Currency: CZK, name: Czech Republic Koruna
Currency: NOK, name: Norwegian Krone
Currency: AED, name: United Arab Emirates Dirham
Currency: CHF, name: Swiss Franc
Currency: FKP, name: Falkland Islands Pound
Currency: FRF, name: French Franc
Currency: TRY, name: Turkish Lira
Currency: BSD, name: Bahamian Dollar
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