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Bash array


How to use Bash arrays? Bash is very flexible and allows to do funny things with arrays. Check out these cool Bash array examples.


Declare an array with some items and print it:

declare -a langs=(Java Clojure Scala Python)
echo ${langs[@]}

Read items from standard input into an array:

while read lang; do
    langs=("${langs[@]}" $lang)
echo ${langs[@]}

Print length of an array:

echo ${#langs[@]} #prints: 4

Select part of (slice) of an array:

echo ${langs[@]:2:4}   #prints: Scala Python

Concatenate an array with itself:

ccc=(${langs[@]} ${langs[@]} ${langs[@]})
echo ${ccc[@]}

Replace starting uppercase characters in langs of an array:

while read lang; do
    langs=("${langs[@]}" $(echo $lang | sed 's/^[A-Z]/./'))
echo ${langs[@]} #prints: .ava .lojure .cala .ython

Filter an array with a pattern:

echo ${langs[@]/*[aA]*/} #prints: Clojure Python
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